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The camera offers a choice of a ten-second timer for self-portraits and a two-second timer to prevent blur caused by camera shake. To use the timer, press the selector left () and then press the selector up or down to highlight the desired option and press [MENU/OK] to select.

At default settings, self-timer selection is assigned to the left button on the selector (function button 3). For information on choosing the roles assigned to the function buttons, see “The Function Buttons”.

Self-timer options can also be selected using the [SELF-TIMER] option in the shooting menu.

The shutter is released two seconds after the shutter button is pressed. Use to reduce blur caused by the camera moving when the shutter button is pressed. The self-timer lamp will blink as the timer counts down.
The shutter is released ten seconds after the shutter button is pressed. Use for self-portraits. The self-timer lamp on the front of the camera lights when the timer starts and begins to blink shortly before the photo is taken.
Self-timer off.