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Create JPEG copies of RAW pictures. The original image data are unaffected, allowing a single RAW image to be processed in a multitude of different ways.

  1. Display the desired picture.

  2. Highlight [RAW CONVERSION] in the playback menu and press [MENU/OK] to display RAW conversion options.

    These options can also be displayed by pressing the [Q] button during playback.

  3. Press the selector up or down to highlight a setting and press the selector right to select. Press the selector up or down to highlight the desired option and press [MENU/OK] to select and return to the settings list. Repeat this step to adjust additional settings.

    Create a JPEG copy using the settings in effect at the time the photo was taken.
    Adjust exposure by −1 EV to +1 EV in increments of 1/3 EV.
    Enhance details in highlights for natural contrast.
    Simulate the effects of different types of film.
    Adjust white balance.
    [WB SHIFT]
    Fine-tune white balance.
    Adjust color density.
    Sharpen or soften outlines.
    Adjust highlights.
    Adjust shadows.
    Process the copy to reduce mottling.
  4. Press the [Q] button to preview the JPEG copy and press [MENU/OK] to save.