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Follow the steps below to choose the focus point used when [AREA] is selected for [AUTOFOCUS SETTING] > [AF MODE] in the shooting menu.

  1. Press the selector down ([AF]) to view the focus area display.

    At default settings, focus-area display is assigned to the down button on the selector (function button 5). For information on choosing the roles assigned to the function buttons, see “The Function Buttons”.

    The focus area can also be selected using the [AUTOFOCUS SETTING] option in the shooting menu.

    Focus frame

    Focus point

  2. Use the selector to position the focus frame.

    To select the center frame, press [DISP/BACK].

    Rotate the command dial to choose the size of the focus frame.

    Rotate the dial left to reduce the frame by up to 50%, right to enlarge it by up to 150%, or press the center of the dial to restore the frame to its original size.

  3. Press [MENU/OK] to select the chosen frame.

If [FOCUS AREA] is selected for [SELECTOR BUTTON SETTING] in the setup menu, the selector can be used to position the focus area without first pressing the [AF] button.