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Insert the battery and memory card as described below.

  1. Open the battery-chamber cover.

    Slide the battery-chamber latch as shown and open the battery-chamber cover.

    Do not open the battery-chamber cover when the camera is on. Failure to observe this precaution could damage image files or memory cards.

    Do not use excessive force when handling the battery-chamber cover.

  2. Insert the battery.

    Using the battery to keep the battery latch pressed to one side, insert the battery contacts first in the direction shown by the arrow. Confirm that the battery is securely latched.


    Battery latch

    Insert the battery in the orientation shown. Do not use force or attempt to insert the battery upside down or backwards. The battery will slide in easily in the correct orientation.

  3. Insert the memory card.

    Holding the memory card in the orientation shown, slide it in until it clicks into place at the back of the slot.

    Be sure card is in the correct orientation; do not insert at an angle or use force. If the memory card is not correctly inserted or no memory card is inserted, will appear in the LCD monitor and internal memory will be used for recording and playback.

  4. Close the battery-chamber cover.

Removing the Battery and Memory Card

Before removing the battery or memory card, turn the camera off and open the battery-chamber cover.

To remove the battery, press the battery latch to the side, and slide the battery out of the camera as shown.

To remove the memory card, press it in and release it slowly. The card can then be removed by hand. When a memory card is removed, the card could come out of the slot too quickly. Use your finger to hold it and gently release the card.