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Choose a shooting mode according to the scene or type of subject. To choose a shooting mode, rotate the mode dial to the desired setting.

[P] (Program AE)
Aperture and shutter speed can be adjusted using program shift.
[S] (Shutter-Priority AE)
You choose the shutter speed and leave the camera in charge of aperture.
[A] (Aperture-Priority AE)
You choose the aperture speed and leave the camera in charge of shutter speed.
[M] (Manual Exposure)
You choose both shutter speed and aperture.
The camera automatically optimizes settings to the scene.
A simple “point-and-shoot” mode recommended for first-time users of digital cameras.
Choose from a variety of filter effects.
Sophisticated techniques made easy.
Choose a scene suited to the subject or shooting conditions and let the camera do the rest.
Pan the camera to take a series of shots that are automatically joined into a panorama.


While in both modes, settings such as shutter speed and aperture are adjusted automatically by the camera, in the camera also analyzes the scene and adjusts settings according to such criteria as lighting and whether the scene is a portrait, landscape, or close-up.