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Adjust sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the less light required to take a photograph; note, however, that mottling may appear at higher values. Choose a value according to shooting conditions.

The camera adjusts sensitivity automatically according to subject brightness.
[12800] – [100]
Sensitivity is set to the specified value, which is shown in the display.


The following options are available in [AUTO1]/[AUTO2]/[AUTO3] modes.

Option Default
[AUTO2]: 1600
[AUTO3]: 3200

The camera automatically chooses a sensitivity between the default and maximum values. Sensitivity is only raised above the default value if the shutter speed required for optimal exposure would be slower than the value selected for [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED].

If the value selected for [DEFAULT SENSITIVITY] is higher than that selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY], [DEFAULT SENSITIVITY] will be set to the value selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY].

The camera may select shutter speeds slower than [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED] if pictures would still be underexposed at the value selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY].