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Delete pictures one at a time.

  1. Select [FRAME] for [ERASE] in the playback menu.

  2. Press the selector left or right to scroll through pictures and press [MENU/OK] to delete (a confirmation dialog is not displayed). Repeat to delete additional pictures.


Delete multiple selected pictures.

  1. Select [SELECTED FRAMES] for [ERASE] in the playback menu.

  2. Highlight pictures and press [MENU/OK] to select or deselect (pictures in photobooks or print orders are shown by ).

  3. When the operation is complete, press [DISP/BACK] to display a confirmation dialog.

  4. Highlight [OK] and press [MENU/OK] to delete the selected pictures.


Delete all unprotected pictures.

  1. Select [ALL FRAMES] for [ERASE] in the playback menu.

  2. A confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight [OK] and press [MENU/OK] to delete all unprotected pictures. Pressing [DISP/BACK] cancels deletion; note that any pictures deleted before the button was pressed can not be recovered.

If a memory card is inserted, only the pictures on the memory card will be affected; the pictures in internal memory are only deleted if no memory card is inserted.

If a message appears stating that the selected images are part of a DPOF print order, press [MENU/OK] to delete the pictures.