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To record raw, unprocessed data from the camera image sensor, select a RAW option for image quality in the shooting menu as described below. JPEG copies of RAW images can be created using PLAY BACK MENU > RAW CONVERSION, or RAW images can be viewed on a computer using the RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 application.

  1. Press MENU/OK in shooting mode to display the shooting menu. Select the IMAGE QUALITY SETTING tab, then highlight IMAGE QUALITY and press MENU/OK.

  2. Highlight an option and press MENU/OK. Select RAW to record only RAW images, or FINE+RAW or NORMAL+RAW to record both JPEG copy together with the RAW images. FINE+RAW uses lower JPEG compression ratios for higher-quality JPEG images, while NORMAL+RAW uses higher JPEG compression ratios to increase the number of images that can be stored.

The Function Buttons

To toggle RAW image quality on or off for a single shot, assign RAW to a function button. If a JPEG option is currently selected for image quality, pressing the button temporarily selects the equivalent JPEG+RAW option. If a JPEG+RAW option is currently selected, pressing the button temporarily selects the equivalent JPEG option, while if RAW is selected, pressing the button temporarily selects FINE. Taking a picture or pressing the button again restores the previous setting.