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The camera is equipped with a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder (OVF/EVF) and an LCD monitor (LCD).

Choosing a Display

Press the VIEW MODE button to cycle through displays as shown below.

  • EYE SENSOR: Automatic display selection using eye sensor.

  • VIEWFINDER ONLY: Viewfinder only.

  • LCD ONLY: LCD monitor only.

  • VIEWFINDER ONLY + : Viewfinder only; eye sensor turns display on or off.

  • EYE SENSOR + LCD IMAGE DISP.: Putting your eye to the viewfinder during shooting turns the viewfinder on, but the LCD monitor is used for the display of images immediately after shooting.

The Eye Sensor

The eye sensor turns the viewfinder on when you put your eye to the viewfinder and turns it off when you take your eye away (note that the eye sensor may respond to objects other than your eye or to light shining directly on the sensor). If automatic display selection is enabled, the LCD monitor will turn on when the viewfinder turns off.

The Viewfinder Selector

Use the viewfinder selector to switch between the electronic viewfinder (EVF), the optical viewfinder (OVF), and a dual optical viewfinder/electronic range finder (ERF) display.



ERF (dual display)

The OVF Display

Keep the selector pressed up to choose the optical viewfinder display zoom ratio.

The Hybrid (EVF/OVF/ERF) Viewfinder

The features of the different displays are described below.


The optical display is sharp and free of blur so that your subject’s expression is always visible. In addition, the OVF shows the area just outside the frame, making it easier to compose shots on the fly. Because the viewfinder window is a slight distance from the lens, the area visible in photographs may however differ slightly from the display in the viewfinder due to parallax.


The live view display gives you a preview of the final picture (including depth of field, focus, exposure, and white balance) with exactly the same frame coverage.

ERF (dual display)

As for the optical viewfinder but with a focus preview. A magnified view of an area of the frame including the current focus position is shown at the bottom right corner of the display.

Bright Frame Simulation

The angle of view covered by the bright frame in the OVF display varies with the focal length of the lens. Pressing a function button (by default, Fn2) displays a bright frame simulation that shows the area covered by the bright frame at different focal lengths.

Keep the viewfinder selector pressed up to toggle between the bright frames for maximum and minimum aperture.

Focal length

Wide (0.36 ×)

Tele (0.6 ×)