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Add a voice memo to the current photograph.

  1. Select ON for VOICE MEMO SETTING in the playback menu.

  2. Display a photo to which you wish to add a voice memo.

  3. Press and hold the center of the front command dial to record the memo. Recording ends after 30 s or when you release the dial.

The new memo will be recorded over any existing memos. Deleting the picture also deletes the memo.

Voice memos can not be added to movies or protected pictures.

Playing Voice Memos

Pictures with voice memos are indicated by icons during playback. To play a memo, select the picture and press the center of the front command dial; a progress bar will be displayed while the memo plays back. Volume can be adjusted by pressing MENU/OK to pause playback and then pressing the selector up or down to adjust the volume. Press MENU/OK again to resume playback. Volume can also be adjusted using SOUND SETTING > PLAYBACK VOLUME.