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Choose the base sensitivity, maximum sensitivity, and minimum shutter speed for auto ISO sensitivity control, which is selected by rotating the ISO dial to A. Settings for AUTO1, AUTO2, and AUTO3 can be adjusted separately.

Item Options Default
DEFAULT SENSITIVITY 12800–200 200 200 200
MAX. SENSITIVITY 12800–400 800 1600 3200
MIN. SHUTTER SPEED 1⁄500–1/4 SEC, AUTO 1/60 SEC 1/60 SEC 1/60 SEC

The camera automatically chooses a sensitivity between the default and maximum values. Sensitivity is only raised above the default value if the shutter speed required for optimal exposure would be slower than the value selected for MIN. SHUTTER SPEED.

If the value selected for DEFAULT SENSITIVITY is higher than that selected for MAX. SENSITIVITY, DEFAULT SENSITIVITY will be set to the value selected for MAX. SENSITIVITY.

The camera may select shutter speeds slower than MIN. SHUTTER SPEED if pictures would still be underexposed at the value selected for MAX. SENSITIVITY. If AUTO is selected for MIN. SHUTTER SPEED, the camera will automatically choose a minimum shutter speed approximately equal to the inverse of the lens’ focal length, in seconds (for example, if the lens has a focal length of 50 mm, the camera will choose a minimum shutter speed in the neighborhood of 1⁄50 s). The minimum shutter speed is not affected by the option selected for image stabilization.