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Save up to 7 sets of custom camera settings for commonly-encountered situations. Saved settings can be recalled using IMAGE QUALITY SETTING > SELECT CUSTOM SETTING.

  1. Press MENU/OK in shooting mode to display the shooting menu. Select the IMAGE QUALITY SETTING tab, then highlight EDIT/SAVE CUSTOM SETTING and press MENU/OK.

  2. Highlight a custom settings bank and press MENU/OK to select. Adjust the following as desired and press DISP/BACK when adjustments are complete: DYNAMIC RANGE, FILM SIMULATION, GRAIN EFFECT, WHITE BALANCE, HIGHLIGHT TONE, SHADOW TONE, COLOR, SHARPNESS, and NOISE REDUCTION.

  3. A confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight OK and press MENU/OK.

To store current camera settings in the selected bank, highlight SAVE CURRENT SETTINGS in Step 2 and press MENU/OK. Banks can be renamed using EDIT CUSTOM NAME.

To restore default settings for the current bank, select RESET.