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The camera offers a choice of "scenes", each adapted to particular shooting conditions or a specific type of subject. The following scenes can be selected directly using the mode dial:

Choose for a smooth skin effect when shooting portraits.

If [ON] is selected for [TOUCH SCREEN SETTING], you can choose the portrait enhancement level using touch controls.

Choose for daylight shots of buildings and landscapes.
Choose when photographing moving subjects.
Choose for poorly lit twilight or night scenes.

Other scenes can be selected by rotating the mode dial to [SP] and following the steps below.

  1. Press [MENU/OK] while the mode description is displayed.

    If the view through the lens is displayed in the LCD monitor, press [MENU/OK] and select [SCENE POSITION] in the shooting menu.

  2. Highlight one of the following options and press [MENU/OK].

    Choose for portraits.
    Choose this mode for slow shutter speeds when shooting at night.
    Slow shutter speeds are used to capture the expanding burst of light from a firework.
    Choose this mode to record the vivid colors in sunrises and sunsets.
    Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of scenes dominated by shining white snow.
    Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of sunlit beaches.
    Capture indoor background lighting under low-light conditions.
    Effective for taking more vivid shots of flowers.
    Take clear pictures of text or drawings in print.