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Take pictures with the self-timer.

[2 SEC]/
[10 SEC]
The shutter is released two or ten seconds after the shutter button is pressed. Press the shutter button halfway to focus, then press it the rest of the way down to start the timer. The display in the monitor shows the number of seconds remaining until the timer is released; immediately before the shutter is released, the self-timer lamp on the front of the camera will blink (if the two-second timer is selected, the lamp will blink as the timer counts down). Use the two-second timer to reduce blur caused by the camera moving when the shutter button is pressed, the ten-second timer for photographs in which you wish to appear yourself.

Stand behind the camera when using the shutter button. Standing in front of the lens can interfere with focus and exposure.

The camera detects faces and releases the shutter when any subject smiles. The camera may fail to detect subjects who are not facing the camera or whose faces are obscured by hair or other objects.

The camera starts the timer when it detects two portrait subjects close together. When prompted to choose how close together the subjects must be before the timer starts, highlight the desired option and press [MENU/OK] (the required degree of closeness is shown by heart icons in the shooting display: the more hearts, the closer together the subjects must be). Choose from [LV.1 (NEAR)], [LV.2 (CLOSE UP)], or [LV.3 (SUPER CLOSE)]. The timer starts only when the subjects are sufficiently close together; the shutter is released one second later.

The camera starts the timer when it detects the selected number of portrait subjects. Highlight the desired number of subjects (1 to 4) and press [MENU/OK] (the number of subjects is indicated by icons in the shooting display). The timer starts only when the selected number of subjects is in the frame; the shutter is released two seconds later.

Self-timer off.

To stop the timer before the picture is taken, press [DISP/BACK].

Self-timer options can also be selected in the shooting menu.

Selecting [SMILE], [BUDDY], or [GROUP] sets [AUTOFOCUS SETTING] > [FACE/EYE DETECTION SETTING] to [FACE ON/EYE OFF]. The original setting is restored when the self timer is turned off.

The self-timer turns off automatically when the camera is turned off.