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In this mode, you control both shutter speed and aperture. Rotate the main command dial to choose a shutter speed and the sub-command dial to choose the aperture.

[M] will appear in the display.

The manual exposure display includes an exposure indicator that shows the amount the picture would be under- or over-exposed at current settings.

Exposure Preview

To preview exposure in the LCD monitor, select [ON] for [SCREEN SET-UP] > [PREVIEW EXP. IN MANUAL MODE].

Select [OFF] when using the flash or on other occasions on which exposure may change when the picture is taken.

Bulb Photography

For bulb photography, rotate the main command dial to select a shutter speed of [BULB].

Use of a tripod is recommended to prevent the camera from moving during the exposure.

A count-down timer will be displayed while the exposure is in progress.

To reduce "noise" (mottling) in long time-exposures, select [ON] for [LONG EXPOSURE NR] in the shooting menu. Note that this may increase the time needed to record images after shooting.

An optional RR-90 remote release can be used for long time-exposures.