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This section lists the indicators that may be displayed during playback.

For illustrative purposes, displays are shown with all indicators lit.

ADate and time

BFace detection indicator

CRed-eye removal indicator

DLocation data

EProtected image

FCard slot

GFrame number

HGift image

IPhotobook assist indicator

JDPOF print indicator

KBattery level

LImage size/quality

MFilm simulation

NDynamic range

OWhite balance


QExposure compensation


SShutter speed

TPlayback mode indicator

UMovie icon


The [DISP/BACK] Button

The [DISP/BACK] button controls the display of indicators during playback.

Standard   Information off
    Info display

The Info Display

In the info display, you can press the selector up to cycle through a series of information and histogram displays.

Favorites: Rating Pictures

Pictures can be rated via the [RATING] item in the playback menu (a[RATING]).

Viewing Photo Information

The photo information display changes each time the selector is pressed up.

Basic data   Histogram

Info display 2   Info display 1

Zooming in on the Focus Point

Press the center of the rear command dial to zoom in on the focus point. Press again to return to full-frame playback.