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Print pictures from your digital camera to [instax SHARE] printers.

Establishing a Connection

Select D[CONNECTION SETTING] > [instax PRINTER CONNECTION SETTING] and enter the [instax SHARE] printer name (SSID) and password.

The Printer Name (SSID) and Password

The printer name (SSID) can be found on the bottom of the printer; the default password is “1111”. If you have already chosen a different password to print from a smartphone, enter that password instead.

Printing Pictures

  1. Turn the printer on.

  2. Select C[PLAY BACK MENU] > [instax PRINTER PRINT]. The camera will connect to the printer.

    To print a frame from a burst sequence, display the frame before selecting [instax PRINTER PRINT].

  3. Use the selector to display the picture you want to print, then press [MENU/OK].

    Pictures taken with other cameras can not be printed.

    The area printed is smaller than the area visible in the LCD monitor.

  4. The picture will be sent to the printer and printing will start.