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Access a personalized menu of frequently-used options.

To display “my menu”, press MENU/OK in the shooting display and select the E (MY MENU) tab.

The E tab is only available if options have been assigned to EMY MENU.


To choose the items listed in the E (MY MENU) tab:

  1. In the setup menu, select DUSER SETTING > xMY MENU SETTING or FMY MENU SETTING.

    To reorder items, select RANK ITEMS. To delete items, select REMOVE ITEMS.

  2. Press the focus stick (focus lever) up or down to highlight ADD ITEMS and press MENU/OK. Options that can be added to “my menu” are highlighted in blue.

    Items currently in “my menu” are indicated by check marks.

  3. Choose a position for the item and press MENU/OK. The item will be added to “my menu”.

  4. Press MENU/OK to return to the edit display.

  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until all the desired items have been added.

“My menu” can contain up to 16 items.