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The camera takes a series of 16 shots, using in-body image stabilization to move the image sensor by half a pixel with each shot and recording each frame in RAW format. Using specialized computer software, the frames can then be combined to create a high-resolution RAW picture.

  1. Rotate the DRIVE mode dial to MULTI.

  2. Press the DRIVE button to display drive mode options.

  3. Select PIXEL SHIFT MULTI SHOT and choose a value for INTERVAL.

    • We recommend setting INTERVAL to SHORTEST.
    • If you intend to use the flash with every shot, choose a value for INTERVAL long enough to allow the flash to charge between shots.
  4. Press the shutter button to start shooting.

    • The shots are recorded to the memory card in RAW format.
    • To minimize vibration, use the self-timer or a remote release.
  5. Combine the shots on a computer.

    • The shots can be combined using FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner.
    • To save high-resolution RAW pictures in other formats, use Capture One Express Fujifilm, Capture One Pro Fujifilm, or Capture One Pro, available from Capture One A/S. FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO and RAW FILE CONVERTER EX powered by SILKYPIX cannot be used for this purpose.

Visit the websites below to learn more about or download the following computer software:

a FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner

a Capture One Express Fujifilm

a Capture One Pro Fujifilm

a Capture One Pro

Pixel-shift multi-shot photography can be performed via tethered shooting. For this purpose, use FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner.

The flash will synchronize with the shutter at shutter speeds of 1/5 s or slower (14-bit RAW) or 1/2.5 s or slower (16-bit RAW).

The following limitations apply to the use of the pixel-shift multi-shot option:

  • Pixel-shift multi-shot photography can only be performed using the electronic shutter.
  • Sensitivity is restricted to a maximum of ISO 1600. Choosing higher values or a setting of AUTO results in a sensitivity of ISO 1600, while lower values remain unchanged.
  • The only option available for RAW RECORDING > RECORDING TYPE is LOSSLESS.
  • Pictures taken with C (AF-C) selected for focus mode will be shot in focus mode S (AF-S). Pictures taken with S (AF-S) or M (manual) selected are shot in the chosen focus mode.
  • If the subject or camera moves during shooting, the desired results may not be achieved when the shots are combined.
  • ASHOOTING SETTING > FLICKER REDUCTION is automatically set to OFF.
  • The value selected for exposure compensation applies to all 16 shots.


Pictures taken using the pixel-shift multi-shot option are indicated by a pixel-shift multi-shot icon in full-frame playback (aThe Playback Display).