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To adjust aperture manually while letting the camera select shutter speed for optimal exposure, rotate the shutter speed dial to [A] and adjust aperture as desired.

[A] will appear in the display.

Aperture can be adjusted even while the shutter button is pressed halfway.

If the correct exposure can not be achieved at the selected aperture, the shutter speed will be displayed in red when the shutter button is pressed halfway. Adjust aperture until the correct exposure is achieved.

If the subject is outside the metering range of the camera, the shutter speed display will show “---”.

Previewing Depth of Field

When [PREVIEW DEPTH OF FIELD] is assigned to a function button, pressing the button stops aperture down to the selected setting, allowing depth of field to be previewed in the display.

Depth of field can also be previewed using the depth-of-field indicator in the standard display. Press [DISP/BACK] to cycle through display modes until standard indicators are displayed.

Use the [AF/MF SETTING] > [DEPTH-OF-FIELD SCALE] option to choose how depth of field is displayed. Choose [FILM FORMAT BASIS] to help you make practical assessments of depth of field for pictures that will be viewed as prints and the like, [PIXEL BASIS] to help you assess depth of field for pictures that will be viewed at high resolutions on computers or other electronic displays.