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If [ON] is selected in focus mode [S], focus can be adjusted manually by rotating the focus ring while the shutter button is pressed halfway. Both standard and focus peaking MF assist options are supported. Lenses with a focus distance indicator must be set to manual focus mode (MF) before this option can be used. Selecting MF disables the focus distance indicator. Set the focus ring to the center of the focus distance indicator, as the camera may fail to focus if the ring is set to infinity or the minimum focus distance.

AF + MF Focus Zoom

When [ON] is selected for [AF/MF SETTING] > [FOCUS CHECK] and [SINGLE POINT] selected for [AF MODE], focus zoom can be used to zoom in on the selected focus area. Focus zoom is not available when [ZONE] or [WIDE/TRACKING] is selected for [AF MODE]. The zoom ratio (2.5× – 6×) can be selected using the rear command dial.