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Adjust power management settings.


Choose the length of time before the camera turns off automatically when no operations are performed. Shorter times increase battery life; if [OFF] is selected, the camera must be turned off manually. Note that in some situations the camera turns off automatically even when [OFF] is selected.


Adjust power management settings.

Option AF performance (speed) LCD/EVF display quality Battery endurance
[HIGH PERFORMANCE] Fast Very high Low
[STANDARD] Fast High Normal
[ECONOMY] Normal Normal High

When [ECONOMY] is selected, the frame rate will drop when no operations are being performed. Operating camera controls returns the frame rate to normal.


A power-saving option has been added for the LCD/EVF displays.

When [HIGH PERFORMANCE] or [STANDARD] is selected for [POWER MANAGEMENT], the LCD and EVF will switch to a standard-quality display if no operations are performed for a set period. Operating camera controls restores the high-quality display.
Display quality does not change when no operations are performed.