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Follow the steps below to configure the camera to take photos automatically at a preset interval.

  1. Press [MENU/OK] in shooting mode to display the shooting menu. Select the [SHOOTING SETTING] tab, then highlight [INTERVAL TIMER SHOOTING] and press [MENU/OK].

  2. Use the selector to choose the interval and number of shots. Press [MENU/OK] to proceed.

  3. Use the selector to choose the starting time and then press [MENU/OK]. Shooting will start automatically.

Interval timer photography can not be used at a shutter speed of [B] (bulb) or with multiple exposure photography. In burst mode, only one picture will be taken each time the shutter is released.

Use of a tripod is recommended.

Check the battery level before starting. We recommend using an optional [AC-9V] AC power adapter and [CP-W126] DC coupler.

The display turns off between shots and lights a few seconds before the next shot is taken. The display can be activated at any time by pressing the shutter button.