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The VG-XH vertical battery grip can be used to supplement the camera battery or when holding the camera rotated to take pictures in portrait (“tall”) orientation.

A[Fn1] button

B[WB] button

C[ISO] button

DShutter button

EControl lock

FFront command dial

GLock screw knob

HTripod socket

IEyelet for camera strap

JConnector cover

KLock screw

LSerial number plate

MFocus stick (focus lever)

NRear command dial

O[AFON] button

P[AEL] (exposure lock) button

Q[Q] (quick menu) button

RIndicator lamps

SPerformance selector

TBattery tray

UBattery-chamber cover latch


WCompartment for connector cover supplied with camera

All controls perform the same function as the matching controls on the camera.

Attaching the Vertical Battery Grip

Check that the camera is off before attaching or removing the vertical battery grip.

The camera file transmitter/vertical battery grip connector cover (A) can be stored in the grip connector cover compartment. Keep the grip contact cap (B) in a safe place when not in use.

Fully tighten the lock screw knob after attaching the grip.

Do not touch the contacts.

After removing the grip, replace the file transmitter/vertical battery grip connector cover (A) and contact cap (B).

The grip is not waterproof, and caution is required to prevent the entry of dirt, dust, water, noxious gases, salt, and other foreign matter. Do not place the grip on wet surfaces. Before use, be sure that the battery tray and battery-chamber cover are fully closed.

Inserting and Removing Batteries

Insert the batteries as shown.

The batteries can be removed as shown.

Be sure the camera is off before exchanging batteries.

Use only NP-W235 batteries.

Battery Level

When a vertical battery grip is connected, the camera battery level display shows the camera battery level and the level of the batteries inserted in the VG-XH.

The display shows the level of inserted batteries only.

When a full complement of batteries are inserted in the camera and the VG-XH, the batteries will be used in the following order:

AThe left grip battery (L)

BThe right grip battery (R)

CThe camera battery

Charging the Batteries

The batteries in the vertical battery grip will charge when the grip is attached to a camera that is connected to an AC‑5VJ AC adapter via a USB cable.

The indicator lamps will light green while the battery charges; the lamp on the left shows the status of the left battery, the lamp on the right the status of the right battery.

Indicator lamp Battery status
On Battery charging
Off Charging complete
Blinks Battery fault

All three batteries charge simultaneously; charging takes about 330 minutes.

Using a device that supplies power with an outputs of 45 W or above reduces charging times to as little as 180 minutes.

The batteries will not charge while the camera is on.

For more information, see “Charging the Battery” and “For Your Safety”.