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The following are included with the camera:

  • NP-W235 rechargeable battery
  • For reasons of safety, the battery is not charged at shipment. The camera will not function if the battery is not charged; be sure to charge the battery before use (aCharging the Battery).

  • AC-5VJ AC power adapter
  • Plug adapter
  • USB cable (approx. 0.6 m/2 ft.)
  • Body cap (comes attached to camera)
  • Shoulder strap
  • Cable protector
  • Hot shoe cover (comes attached to hot shoe)
  • Sync terminal cap (comes attached to camera)
  • File transmitter/vertical battery grip connector cover (comes attached to camera)
  • Cooling fan connector cover (comes attached to camera)

The plug adapter supplied varies with the country or region.

For information on compatible computer software, see “Software for Use with Your Camera”.