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This section describes how to take pictures using program AE (mode [P]). See “[P], [S], [A], and [M] Modes” for information on [S], [A], and [M] modes.

  1. Rotate the [DRIVE] mode dial to [STILL].

  2. Adjust settings for program AE.

    A Aperture [A] (auto)
    B Shutter speed Auto
    C Focus mode [S] (single AF)

    Press the button to which [SHOOTING MODE] is assigned (at default settings, the [Fn2] button) to switch between shutter speeds of auto and User-selected (manually selected shutter speed). This function can be assigned to a different button if desired (aAssigning Roles to the Function Buttons).

  3. Check the shooting mode.

    Confirm that [P] appears in the display.

  4. Ready the camera.

    Hold the camera steady with both hands and brace your elbows against your sides. Shaking or unsteady hands can blur your shots.

    To prevent pictures that are out of focus or too dark (underexposed), keep your fingers and other objects away from the lens and AF-assist illuminator.

  5. Frame the picture.

    Lenses with Zoom Rings

    Use the zoom ring to frame the picture in the display. Rotate the ring left to zoom out, right to zoom in.

  6. Focus.

    Press the shutter button halfway to focus.

    Focus frame

    Focus indicator

    If the camera is able to focus, it will beep twice and focus frame and focus indicator will glow green.

    If the camera is unable to focus, the focus frame will turn red, s will be displayed, and the focus indicator will blink white.

    If the subject is poorly lit, the AF-assist illuminator may light to assist the focus operation.

    Focus and exposure will lock when the shutter button is pressed halfway. Focus and exposure remain locked while the button is kept in this position (AF/AE lock).

    The camera will focus on subjects at any distance in the macro and standard focus ranges for the lens.

  7. Shoot.

    Smoothly press the shutter button the rest of the way down to take the picture.