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For natural colors, choose a white balance option that matches the light source.

  1. Press MENU/OK to display the shooting menu.

  2. Highlight D WHITE BALANCE in the shooting menu and press MENU/OK to view white balance options.

  3. The following white balance options are available.

    Option Description
    AUTO White balance is adjusted automatically. Recommended in most situations.
    i For subjects in direct sunlight.
    j For subjects in the shade.
    k Use under “daylight” fluorescent lights.
    l Use under “warm white” fluorescent lights.
    m Use under “cool white” fluorescent lights.
    n Use under incandescent lighting.
    g Reduces the blue cast typically associated with underwater lighting.

In conditions in which AUTO fails to produce the desired results—for example, under certain types of lighting or in close-ups of portrait subjects—choose a white balance option suited to the light source.

White balance is adjusted for flash lighting only in AUTO and g modes. Turn the flash off using other white balance options.