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Create a photograph that combines multiple exposures.

  1. Press the DRIVE/DELETE button and select Adv. > MULTIPLE EXPOSURE in the drive-mode menu.

  2. Take the first shot.

  3. Press MENU/OK. The first shot will be shown superimposed on the view through the lens and you will be prompted to take the second shot.

    To return to the previous step and retake the first shot, press the focus stick (focus lever) left.

    To save the first shot and exit without creating a multiple exposure, press DISP/BACK.

  4. Take the second shot, using the first frame as a guide.

  5. Press MENU/OK. The combined exposures will be displayed as a guide to composing the next shot.

    To return to the previous step and retake the second shot, press the focus stick left.

    To end shooting and create a multiple exposure from the shots taken to this point, press DISP/BACK.

  6. Make additional exposures. Each photograph can contain up to nine exposures.

  7. Press DISP/BACK to end shooting. The camera will create the combined image and multiple exposure shooting will end.

Use ASHOOTING SETTING > MULTIPLE EXPOSURE CTRL to choose how the exposures are combined.