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The following optional accessories are available from Fujifilm. For the latest information on the accessories available in your region, check with your local Fujifilm representative or visit “Accessories”.

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
NP‑W126S: Additional high-capacity NP‑W126S rechargeable batteries can be purchased as required.
Battery chargers
BC‑W126S: Replacement battery chargers can be purchased as required. At +20 °C/+68 °F, the BC-W126S charges an NP‑W126S in about 150 minutes.
DC couplers
CP‑W126: For extended shooting or playback or when using the camera with a computer, use the CP-W126 to connect the camera to the AC-9V power adapter.
AC power adapters
AC‑9V (requires CP‑W126 DC coupler): Use this 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz AC power adapter for extended shooting and playback or when copying pictures to a computer.
Remote releases
RR‑100: Use to reduce camera shake or keep the shutter open during a time exposure (⌀2.5 mm).
Stereo microphones
MIC‑ST1: An external microphone for movie recording.
Shoe-mounted flash units
EF‑X500: This clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 50/164 (ISO 100, m/ft.). Powered by four AA batteries or an optional EF-BP1 battery pack, it supports manual and TTL flash control and auto power zoom in the range 24–105 mm (35 mm format equivalent). The flash head can be rotated 90° up, 10° down, 135° left, or 180° right for bounce lighting.
EF-BP1: A battery pack for shoe-mounted flash units. Takes up to 8 AA batteries.
EF‑X20: This clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 20/65 (ISO 100, m/ft.) and supports manual and TTL flash control.
Leather cases
LC-X100V: This leather case comes with a shoulder strap made of the same material. Pictures can be taken and batteries and memory cards inserted or removed with the camera still in its case.
Grip belts
GB‑001: Improves grip. Combine with a hand grip for more secure handling.
Conversion lenses
TCL-X100 II: Increases the focal length of the camera lens.
WCL-X100 II: Reduces the focal length of the camera lens and increases its angle of view.
Adapter rings
AR-X100: An aluminum adapter ring used when attaching the LH-X100 lens hood or ⌀49 mm filters available from third-party suppliers.
Lens hoods
LH-X100: This aluminum lens hood comes with an AR-X100 adapter ring made of the same material. The adapter ring is required when attaching the hood.
Protective filters
PRF-49/PRF-49S: A filter used to protect the lenses of X100-series cameras (requires the AR-X100 adapter ring).
instax SHARE printers
SP‑1/SP‑2/SP-3: Connect via wireless LAN to print pictures on instax film.