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Save up to 7 sets of custom camera settings for commonly-encountered situations. Saved settings can be recalled using IMAGE QUALITY SETTING > SELECT CUSTOM SETTING.

  1. Press MENU/OK in shooting mode to display the shooting menu. Select the IMAGE QUALITY SETTING tab, then highlight EDIT/SAVE CUSTOM SETTING and press MENU/OK.

  2. Highlight a custom settings bank and press MENU/OK to select. Adjust the following as desired and press DISP/BACK when adjustments are complete: DYNAMIC RANGE, FILM SIMULATION, GRAIN EFFECT, WHITE BALANCE, HIGHLIGHT TONE, SHADOW TONE, COLOR, SHARPNESS, and NOISE REDUCTION.

    To replace the settings in the selected bank with the settings currently selected with the camera, select SAVE CURRENT SETTINGS and press MENU/OK.

  3. A confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight OK and press MENU/OK.