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Adjust autofocus settings.


Choose the focus point for autofocus. Focus-area selection can also be used to choose the focus point for manual focus and focus zoom.


Choose the AF mode for focus modes [S] and [C].

The camera focuses on the subject in the selected focus point. Use for pin-point focus on a selected subject.
The camera focuses on the subject in the selected focus zone. Focus zones include multiple focus points (5 × 3, 5 × 5, or 3 × 3), making it easier to focus on subjects that are in motion.
In focus mode [C], the camera tracks focus on the subject in the selected focus point while the shutter button is pressed halfway. In focus mode [S], the camera automatically focuses on high-contrast subjects; the areas in focus are shown in the display.

The camera may be unable to focus on small objects or subjects that are moving rapidly.


Choose how the camera focuses in focus mode [AF-S] or [AF-C].

Shutter response is prioritized over focus. Pictures can be taken when the camera is not in focus.
Focus is prioritized over shutter response. Pictures can be only taken when the camera is in focus.


Choose how the camera focuses when the [AF-L/AE-L] button is pressed in manual focus mode.

Focus is adjusted at the time the button is pressed.
Focus is adjusted continuously while the button is pressed.


Intelligent Face Detection sets focus and exposure for human faces anywhere in the frame, preventing the camera from focusing on the background in group portraits. Choose for shots that emphasize portrait subjects.

To use Intelligent Face Detection, press [MENU/OK] to display the shooting menu and select [ON] for [AUTOFOCUS SETTING] > [FACE DETECTION]. Faces can be detected with the camera in vertical or horizontal orientation; if a face is detected, it will be indicated by a green border. If there is more than one face in the frame, the camera will select the face closest to the center; other faces are indicated by white borders.

If the subject moves as the shutter button is pressed, the face may not be in the area indicated by the green border when the picture is taken.

In some modes, the camera may set exposure for the frame as a whole rather than the portrait subject.


Choose whether the camera detects and focuses on eyes when Intelligent Face Detection is on.

Choose from [AUTO] (the camera automatically chooses which eye to focus on), [RIGHT EYE PRIORITY] (the camera focuses on the right eye), [LEFT EYE PRIORITY] (the camera focuses on the left eye), and [OFF] (eye focus off).

If the camera is unable to detect the subject's eyes because they are hidden by hair, glasses, or other objects, the camera will instead focus on faces.


If [ON] is selected, the camera will continue to adjust focus even when the shutter button is not pressed halfway. Note that this increases the drain on the battery.


If [ON] is selected, the AF-assist illuminator will light to assist autofocus.

The AF-assist illuminator turns off automatically when [OFF] is selected for [SOUND & FLASH] in the setup menu.

The camera may be unable to focus using the AF-assist illuminator in some cases. If the camera is unable to focus in macro mode, try increasing the distance to the subject.

Avoid shining the AF-assist illuminator directly into your subject's eyes.