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Touch controls can be used for such operations as choosing the focus area and taking photographs. The operation performed can be selected by tapping the touchscreen mode indicator in the display to cycle through the following options:

Touchscreen mode indicator

Mode Description Icon
TOUCH SHOOTING Tap your subject in the display to focus and release the shutter.

If [FOCUS] is selected for [AUTOFOCUS SETTING] > [RELEASE/FOCUS PRIORITY] keep your finger on the display until the shutter is released.

In burst mode, pictures will be taken while you keep your finger on the display.

FOCUS AREA Tap to select a focus area for focus.
OFF Touch controls off. The display does not respond when tapped.

Touch control settings can be adjusted using the [TOUCH SCREEN MODE] option in the shooting menu.

The touchscreen mode indicator is not displayed and touch controls can not be used when [OFF] is selected for [TOUCH SCREEN SETTING] in the setup menu.

For information on the touch controls available during playback, see Playback Touch Controls.