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The following types of indicator may be displayed during shooting.

In the description that follows, all available indicators are shown for illustrative purposes; the indicators actually displayed vary with camera settings.

Depth-of-field preview

Wide conversion lens

Location data download status

Movie mode

Time remaining

Date and time

Number of available frames*

Image quality and size

Focus warning

Temperature warning

Touchscreen mode indicator

White balance

Film simulation

Dynamic range

Control lock

Sound and flash indicator


Distance indicator

Battery level


Exposure compensation/exposure indicator


Shutter speed

AE lock indicator


Shooting mode

Focus indicator

Manual focus indicator

Focus mode

Shutter type

Continuous mode

Self-timer indicator

Microphone/remote release

Flash mode/flash compensation

Virtual horizon

Focus frame

Focus check

Digital teleconverter

* Shows “9999” if there is space for over 9999 frames.

Pressing a locked control displays a icon.

The brightness and hue of the LCD monitor can be adjusted using the options under [SCREEN SET-UP] in the setup menu. Choose [LCD BRIGHTNESS] or [LCD COLOR] to adjust LCD monitor brightness or hue.