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Capture motion in a series of pictures.

  1. Rotate the drive dial to select CH (high-speed burst) or CL (low-speed burst).

  2. Navigate to DRIVE SETTING in the ASHOOTING SETTING menu and choose a frame advance rate.

    This feature can also be accessed via shortcuts (aShortcut Options).

  3. Press and hold the shutter button; the camera will continue to take photos while the shutter button is pressed.

    Shooting ends when the shutter button is released or the memory card is full.

If file numbering reaches 9999 before shooting is complete, the remaining pictures will be recorded to a new folder.

Shooting ends when the memory card is full; the camera will record all photos shot to that point. Burst shooting may not begin if the space available on the memory card is insufficient.

Frame rates may slow as more shots are taken.

Frame rate varies with the scene, shutter speed, sensitivity, and focus mode.

Depending on shooting conditions, frame rates may slow or the flash may not fire.

Recording times may increase during burst shooting.

The choice of burst modes varies with the option selected for ASHOOTING SETTING > SHUTTER TYPE.

Focus and Exposure

  • Select focus mode C to vary focus with shot.
  • To vary exposure with each shot, select OFF for DBUTTON/DIAL SETTING > SHUTTER AE.

Exposure and focus tracking performance may vary with such factors as aperture, sensitivity, and exposure compensation.