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Shutter button

Main command dial

Mode dial


Strap eyelet

(flash pop-up) switch

Lens signal contacts

Lens release button


AF-assist illuminator

Self-timer lamp

ON/OFF switch

Fn (function) button

Battery chamber

Memory card slot

Battery latch

LCD monitor

Sub-command dial

Connector cover

Cable channel cover for DC coupler

Battery-chamber cover latch

Battery-chamber cover

Tripod mount


Micro USB (Micro-B)/remote release connector

HDMI Micro connector (Type D)*

Body cap

Product name plate

* Use an HDMI cable no more than 1.5 m (4.9 ft.) long with a type D (HDMI Micro) connector for connection to the camera.

The Product Name Plate

Do not remove the product name plate, which provides the FCC ID, KC mark, serial number, and other important information.

(playback) button

Indicator lamp

(movie recording) button

MENU/OK button

(control lock) button (press and hold)


Q (quick menu) button

RAW conversion button (playback mode)

DISP (display)/BACK button

Control Lock

To prevent accidental operation of the selector () and Q button during shooting, press MENU/OK until is displayed. The controls can be unlocked by pressing MENU/OK until is no longer displayed.