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Create books from your favorite photos.

Creating a PhotoBook

  1. Select NEW BOOK for PHOTOBOOK ASSIST in the playback menu.

    Neither photographs or smaller nor movies can be selected for photobooks.

    The first picture selected becomes the cover image. Press the selector down to select a different image for the cover.

  2. Scroll through the images and press the selector up to select or deselect. To display the current image on the cover, press the selector down. Press MENU/OK to exit when the book is complete.

  3. Highlight COMPLETE PHOTOBOOK and press MENU/OK (to select all photos or all photos matching the specified search conditions for the book, choose SELECT ALL). The new book will be added to the list in the photobook assist menu.

Books can contain up to 300 pictures.

Books that contain no photos are automatically deleted.


Photobooks can be copied to a computer using the supplied MyFinePix Studio software.

Viewing Photobooks

Highlight a book in the photobook assist menu and press MENU/OK to display the book, then press the selector left or right to scroll through the pictures.

Editing and Deleting Photobooks

Display the photobook and press MENU/OK. The following options will be displayed; select the desired option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Edit the book as described in “Creating a PhotoBook”.
Delete the book.