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Read this section for information on playback zoom and multi-frame playback.

Use the rear command dial to go from full-frame playback to playback zoom or multi-frame playback.

Full-frame playback

Nine-frame view

Hundred- frame view

Full-frame playback

Medium zoom

Maximum zoom

Playback Zoom

Rotate the rear command dial right to zoom in on the current picture, left to zoom out. To exit zoom, press DISP/BACK, MENU/OK, or the center of the rear command dial.

The maximum zoom ratio varies with the option selected for HIMAGE QUALITY SETTING > IMAGE SIZE. Playback zoom is not available with cropped or resized copies saved at a size of a.


When the picture is zoomed in, the selector can be used to view areas of the image not currently visible in the display.

Navigation window

Multi-Frame Playback

To change the number of images displayed, rotate the rear command dial left when a picture is displayed full frame.

Use the selector to highlight images and press MENU/OK to view the highlighted image full frame. In the nine- and hundred-frame displays, press the selector up or down to view more pictures.

Playback Touch Controls

When ON is selected for DBUTTON/DIAL SETTING > TOUCH SCREEN SETTING, touch controls can be used for the following playback operations.

Swipe: Swipe a finger across the display to view other images.

Pinch-out: Place two fingers on the display and spread them apart to zoom in.

Pinch-in: Place two fingers on the display and slide them together to zoom out. Zooming out when the picture is displayed full frame triggers multi-frame playback.

Double-tap: Tap the display twice to zoom in on the selected area.

Drag: View other areas of the image during playback zoom.