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The optional VG-GFX1 vertical battery grip accommodates an extra battery for improved endurance and makes it easier to hold the camera rotated 90° to frame pictures in “tall” (portrait) orientation.

AShutter button

BControl lock

CFront command dial

DFn2 (function 2) button

ELock screw knob

FTripod socket

GFn1 (function 1) button

HEyelet for camera strap

IBattery-chamber cover

JLock screw

KFn5 (function 5) button

LFocus stick (focus lever)


NCompartment for connector cover supplied with camera

O15 V DC-IN connector

PFn4 (function 4) button

QRear command dial

RFn3 (function 3) button

SQ (quick menu) button

TMENU/OK button

UIndicator lamps

VBattery-chamber cover latch

Do not attempt to attach the clips supplied with the camera to the eyelets (H) on the battery grip.

All controls perform the same function as the matching controls on the camera.

Attaching the VG-GFX1

The VG-GFX1 attaches as shown below.

  1. Remove the vertical battery grip connector cover from the camera and place it in the grip connector cover compartment.

  2. Align the connectors on the grip with the matching connectors on the camera. Rotate the lock screw knob to tighten the lock screw.

Inserting a Battery

Insert a battery as shown below.

  1. Unlatch and open the battery-chamber cover.

  2. Slide the battery in until it latches.

  3. Close the battery-chamber cover.

The battery in the grip is used before the battery in the camera. The camera automatically switches to the camera battery when the battery in the grip is exhausted. Movie recording and bulb photography will end when the camera switches batteries. When the battery in the grip is exhausted, remove and charge the battery or insert a fully-charged spare battery. If the camera battery has enough charge to power the camera, the battery in the grip can be replaced without turning the camera off.

Using an AC Adapter

An optional AC-15V AC adapter can be used to power the camera when the battery grip is attached. The battery inserted in the grip will charge while the adapter is connected; charging takes about 120 minutes. Turn the camera off before disconnecting the AC adapter.

Battery charge status is shown by battery status icons when the camera is on (playback mode) and by the indicator lamp when the camera is off.

Battery status icon (camera on) Indicator lamp (camera off) Battery status
Y (yellow) On Battery charging
N (green) Off Charging complete
Z (red) Blinks Battery fault