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Take photos with filter effects.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to [Adv.] ([ADVANCED FILTER]).

  2. Press [MENU]/[OK] while the mode description is displayed.

    If the view through the lens is displayed in the LCD monitor, press [MENU]/[OK] and select A[SHOOTING SETTING] > [ADVANCED FILTER] in the shooting menu.

  3. Highlight one of the following options and press [MENU]/[OK].

    Filter Description
    q[CLARITY FILTER] Soften or sharpen pictures without losing definition. The strength of the effect can be adjusting using A[SHOOTING SETTING] > [CLARITY FILTER SETTING].
    G[TOY CAMERA] Choose for a retro toy camera effect.
    I[POP COLOR] Create high-contrast images with saturated colors.
    J[HIGH-KEY] Create bright, low-contrast images.
    Z[LOW-KEY] Create uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasized highlights.
    E[FISH-EYE] Create a distorting effect of a fisheye lens.
    K[DYNAMIC TONE] Dynamic tone expression is used for a fantasy effect.
    i[HDR ART] Create artistic effect by emphasizing tone reproduction and dynamic range.
    H[MINIATURE] The tops and bottoms of pictures are blurred for a diorama effect.
    L[CROSS SCREEN] Create a star pattern where lines radiate out from bright objects. The effects of the cross screen filter can be viewed after shooting.
    n[RICH & FINE] Add a rich & fine effect recommend for tabletop photography.
    m[MONOCHROME(NIR)] Monochrome photography as taken by Near-infrared camera.
    u[PARTIAL COLOR (RED)] Areas of the image that are the selected color are recorded in that color. All other areas of the image are recorded in black-and-white.
    j[FOG REMOVE] Create clearer image by removing fog factor.
    X[SOFT FOCUS] Create a look that is evenly soft throughout the whole image.

    Depending on the subject and camera settings, images may in some cases be grainy or vary in brightness or hue.