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Customize camera controls to suit your style or situation.

Frequently-used options can be added to “my menu” or the [Q] menu or assigned to the function ([Fn1] and [Fn2]) buttons, the [Fn] (function) dial, or the touch function ([T.B. Fn1] and [T.B. Fn2]) buttons for direct access:

  • My menu (a[MY MENU]): Add frequently-used options to this custom menu, which can be viewed by pressing [MENU/OK] and selecting the E(“[MY MENU]”) tab.
  • The [Q] menu (aThe Quick Menu): The [Q] menu is displayed by pressing the [Q] button. Use the [Q] menu to view or change the options selected for frequently-used menu items.
  • The function button (aThe Function Buttons): Use the function ([Fn1]/[Fn2]) button for direct access to selected features.
  • The function dial (aThe Function Dial): Rotate the [Fn] (function) dial for direct access to selected features.
  • Touch function buttons (aTouch Function Buttons): Use the touch function buttons ([T.B. Fn1]/[T.B. Fn2]) in the touch menu for direct access to selected features.