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This section lists the indicators that may be displayed during playback.

For illustrative purposes, displays are shown with all indicators lit.

ADate and time

BFace detection indicator

CBluetooth ON/OFF

DImage transfer order

EImage transfer status

FNumber of frames selected for upload

GSound and flash indicator

HFrame number

IShooting mode

JProtected image

KLocation data

LBattery level

MImage quality

NImage size

OFilm simulation

PDynamic range

QWhite balance


SExposure compensation


UShutter speed

VPlayback mode indicator

WMovie icon

XMovie trimming

YRed-eye removal indicator

ZAdvanced filter

aGift image

bPhotobook assist indicator

cDPOF print indicator


The [DISP]/[BACK] Button

The [DISP]/[BACK] button controls the display of indicators during playback.


Information off

Info display 1

Info display 2


Favorites: Rating Pictures

To rate the current picture, press [DISP]/[BACK] and press the focus stick (focus lever) up and down to select from zero to five stars.

Zooming in on the Focus Point

Press the center of the focus stick (focus lever) to zoom in on the focus point. Press again to return to full-frame playback.