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Adjust basic camera settings.

To access basic camera settings, press [MENU]/[OK], select the D ([SET UP]) tab, and choose [USER SETTING].


To format a memory card:

  1. Select D[USER SETTING] > [FORMAT] in the D ([SET UP]) tab.

  2. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. To format the memory card, highlight [OK] and press [MENU]/[OK].

    To exit without formatting the memory card, select [CANCEL] or press [DISP]/[BACK].

All data—including protected pictures—will be deleted from the memory card. Be sure important files have been copied to a computer or other storage device.

Do not open the battery-chamber cover during formatting.


To set the camera clock:

  1. Select D[USER SETTING] > [DATE/TIME] in the D ([SET UP]) tab.

  2. Press the focus stick (focus lever) left or right to highlight the year, month, day, hour, or minute and press up or down to change. To change the order in which the year, month, and day are displayed, highlight the date format and press the focus stick up or down.

  3. Press [MENU]/[OK] to set the clock.


Switch the camera clock instantly from your home time zone to the local time at your destination when traveling. To specify the difference between your local and home time zone:

  1. Highlight g[LOCAL] and press [MENU]/[OK].

  2. Use the focus stick (focus lever) to choose the time difference between local time and your home time zone. Press [MENU]/[OK] when settings are complete.

To set the camera clock to local time, highlight g[LOCAL] and press [MENU]/[OK]. To set the clock to the time in your home time zone, select h[HOME].


If g[LOCAL] is selected, g will be displayed in yellow for about three seconds when the camera is turned on.


Choose a language.


Edit the items listed in the E ([MY MENU]) tab, a personalized custom menu of frequently-used options (a[MY MENU SETTING]).


Remove dust from the camera image sensor.

Option Description
[OK] Clean the sensor immediately.
[WHEN SWITCHED ON] Sensor cleaning will be performed when the camera is turned on.
[WHEN SWITCHED OFF] Sensor cleaning will be performed when the camera turns off (sensor cleaning is not however performed if the camera turns off in playback mode).

Dust that cannot be removed using sensor cleaning can be removed using a blower (aCleaning the Image Sensor).


Select [OFF] to disable the speaker, flash, illuminator, and self-timer lamp in situations in which camera sounds and lights may be unwelcome.

[ON] [OFF]

o appears in the display when [OFF] is selected.


Reset shooting or setup menu options to default values.

  1. Highlight the desired option and press [MENU]/[OK].

    Option Description
    [SHOOTING MENU RESET] Reset all shooting menu settings.
    [SET-UP RESET] Reset all setup menu settings other than [DATE/TIME], [TIME DIFFERENCE], and [CONNECTION SETTING] to default values.
  2. A confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight [OK] and press [MENU]/[OK].