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Create a photograph that combines two exposures.

  1. Press the [DRIVE] button to display drive mode options.

  2. Select [Adv.], then highlight [MULTIPLE EXPOSURE] and press [MENU/OK] to select the highlighted option and return to shooting mode.

  3. Take the first shot.

  4. Press [MENU/OK]. The first shot will be shown superimposed on the view through the lens and you will be prompted to take the second shot.

    To return to Step 3 and retake the first shot, press the focus stick (focus lever) left. To save the first shot and exit without creating a multiple exposure, press [DISP/BACK].

  5. Take the second shot, using the first frame as a guide.

  6. Press [MENU/OK] to create the multiple exposure, or press the focus stick left to return to Step 5 and retake the second shot.