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Take photos with filter effects.

  1. Press the [DRIVE] button to display drive mode options.

  2. Highlight [ADVANCED FILTER] and press [MENU/OK] to display advanced filter options.

  3. Highlight an advanced filter and press [MENU/OK] to select the highlighted option and exit to shooting mode.

  4. Take photographs.

When the auto mode selector lever is rotated to [AUTO], you can rotate the front command dial to choose a filter in the shooting display.

Advanced Filter Options

Choose from the following filters:

Filter Description

Choose for a retro toy camera effect.

The tops and bottoms of pictures are blurred for a diorama effect.

Create high-contrast images with saturated colors.

Create bright, low-contrast images.

Create uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasized highlights.

Dynamic tone expression is used for a fantasy effect.

Create a look that is evenly soft throughout the whole image.

Areas of the image that are the selected color are recorded in that color. All other areas of the image are recorded in black-and-white.






Depending on the subject and camera settings, images may in some cases be grainy or vary in brightness or hue.