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Adjust the camera's sensitivity to light.

Sensitivity settings can be displayed by pressing the Fn button to which sensitivity is assigned.

Option Description
Sensitivity is automatically adjusted in response to shooting conditions according to combination of standard and maximum sensitivity and minimum shutter speed chosen for A[SHOOTING SETTING] > [ISO]. Choose from [AUTO1], [AUTO2], and [AUTO3] (a[AUTO]).
[80]–[12800] Adjust sensitivity manually. Selected value is shown in display.
[L] ([40])
[H] ([25600])
[H] ([51200])
[H] ([102400])
Choose for special situations. Note that mottling may appear in pictures taken at [H], while [L] reduces dynamic range.

Sensitivity is not reset when the camera is turned off.

If desired, you can use D[BUTTON/DIAL SETTING] > [COMMAND DIAL SETTING] to configure the camera so that ISO sensitivity can be adjusted using the front or rear command dial.

Adjusting Sensitivity

High values can be used to reduce blur when lighting is poor, while lower values allow slower shutter speeds or wider apertures in bright light; note, however, that mottling may appear in pictures taken at high sensitivities.


Choose the base sensitivity, maximum sensitivity, and minimum shutter speed for [AUTO1], [AUTO2], and [AUTO3].


Item Options
[MAX. SENSITIVITY] 200–12800


Item [AUTO1] [AUTO2] [AUTO3]
[MAX. SENSITIVITY] 800 1600 3200

The camera automatically chooses a sensitivity between the default and maximum values; sensitivity is only raised above the default value if the shutter speed required for optimal exposure would be slower than the value selected for [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED].

If the value selected for [DEFAULT SENSITIVITY] is higher than that selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY], [DEFAULT SENSITIVITY] will be set to the value selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY].

The camera may select shutter speeds slower than [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED] if pictures would still be underexposed at the value selected for [MAX. SENSITIVITY].

If [AUTO] is selected for [MIN. SHUTTER SPEED], the camera will automatically adjust the minimum shutter speed according to the focal length of the lens (the setting remains the same whether image stabilization is on or off).