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Make changes to file management settings.

To access file management settings, press [MENU/OK], select the D([SET UP]) tab, and choose [SAVE DATA SET-UP].


New pictures are stored in image files named using a four-digit file number assigned by adding one to the last file number used. The file number is displayed during playback as shown. [FRAME NO.] controls whether file numbering is reset to 0001 when a new memory card is inserted or the current memory card is formatted.

Frame number

Directory number File number
Option Description
[CONTINUOUS] Numbering continues from the last file number used or the first available file number, whichever is higher. Choose this option to reduce the number of pictures with duplicate file names.
[RENEW] Numbering is reset to 0001 after formatting or when a new memory card is inserted.

If the frame number reaches 999-9999, the shutter release will be disabled. Turn the camera off and insert a formatted memory card before resuming shooting.

Selecting D[USER SETTING] > [RESET] sets [FRAME NO.] to [CONTINUOUS] but does not reset the file number.

Frame numbers for pictures taken with other cameras may differ.


Change the file name prefix. sRGB images use a four-letter prefix (default “DSCF”), Adobe RGB images a three-letter prefix (“DSF”) preceded by an underscore.

Option Default prefix Sample file name
[Adobe RGB] _DSF _ABC0001


Choose the role played by the card in the second slot.

Option Description
[SEQUENTIAL] The card in the second slot is used only when the card in the first slot is full.
[BACKUP] Each picture is recorded twice, once to each card.
[SEPARATE] RAW pictures will be saved to the card in the first slot and JPEG or HEIF pictures to the card in the second slot. This option only takes effect when [SUPER FINE+RAW], [FINE+RAW] or [NORMAL+RAW] is selected for H[IMAGE QUALITY SETTING] > [IMAGE QUALITY].


Choose the card that is recorded to first when [SEQUENTIAL] is selected for x[CARD SLOT SETTING].



Create folders and choose the folder used to store subsequent pictures.

Option Description
[SELECT FOLDER] To choose the folder in which subsequent pictures will be stored, press the focus stick (focus lever) up or down to highlight an existing folder and press [MENU/OK].
[CREATE FOLDER] Enter a five-character folder name. The new folder will be created with the next picture you take and subsequent pictures will be stored in that folder.

Copyright information, in the form of Exif tags, can be added to new images as they are taken. Changes to copyright information are reflected only in images taken after the changes are made.

Option Description
[DISP COPYRIGHT INFO] View the current copyright information.
[ENTER AUTHOR'S INFO] Enter the creator´s name.
[ENTER COPYRIGHT INFO] Enter the name of the copyright holder.
[DELETE COPYRIGHT INFO] Delete the current copyright information. This change applies only to images taken after this option is selected; copyright information recorded with existing images is not affected.


Choose the caption applied to new photos and movies.


View the current caption.


Enter a caption.


Delete the current caption.


Choose IPTC metadata applied to new photos.


If [ON] is selected, IPTC metadata is embedded in new photos.

[ON] [OFF]


Enter IPTC metadata or check IPTC metadata that is currently registered.


Delete metadata that is currently registered.


If [ON] is selected, location data downloaded from a smartphone will be embedded in pictures as they are taken.

[ON] [OFF]