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Access wireless networks and connect to computers, smartphones, or tablets.

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a Connecting to Smartphones and Computers

Smart Phones and Tablets: FUJIFILM Camera Remote

Connect to the camera via Bluetooth or wireless LAN.

To establish a wireless connection to the camera, you will need to install the latest version of the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app on your smartphone or tablet.

FUJIFILM Camera Remote

Once a connection has been established, you can use FUJIFILM Camera Remote to:

  • Control the camera and take pictures remotely
  • Receive pictures uploaded from the camera
  • Browse the pictures on the camera and download selected pictures
  • Upload location data to the camera
  • Release the camera shutter
  • Update camera firmware

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a FUJIFILM Camera Remote

Smart Phones and Tablets: Bluetooth® Pairing

Use rCONNECTION SETTING > Bluetooth SETTINGS > PAIRING REGISTRATION to pair the camera with smartphones or tablets. Pairing offers a simple method for downloading photos from the camera.

Photos are downloaded via a wireless connection.

Once pairing is complete, you will be able to synchronize the camera clock and location data with the smartphone or tablet (aSMARTPHONE SYNC. SETTING).

Smartphones and Tablets: Wi-Fi

Use the rWIRELESS COMMUNICATION options in the shooting menu or the playback menu to connect to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

Computers: FUJIFILM PC AutoSave

Install the latest version of FUJIFILM PC Autosave to your computer to upload pictures from the camera over wireless networks.

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Computers: Wireless Connections

You can upload pictures from the camera using the sPC AUTO SAVE option in the playback menu.

You can also upload pictures by pressing and holding the Fn1 (function 1) button in playback mode.