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The following optional accessories are available from Fujifilm. For the latest information on the accessories available in your region, check with your local Fujifilm representative or visit “Digital Cameras”.

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
NP-W126/NP-W126S: Additional high-capacity NP-W126/NP-W126S rechargeable batteries can be purchased as required.
Battery chargers
BC-W126/BC-W126S: Replacement battery chargers can be purchased as required. At +20 °C/+68 °F, the BC-W126/BC-W126S charges an NP-W126/NP-W126S in about 150 minutes.
DC couplers
CP-W126: For extended shooting or playback or when using the camera with a computer, use the CP-W126 to connect the camera to the AC-9VS power adapter supplied with optional vertical battery grips.
Remote releases
RR-100: Use to reduce camera shake or keep the shutter open during a time exposure (⌀2.5 mm).
Stereo microphones
MIC-ST1: An external microphone for movie recording.
FUJINON lenses
XF-/XC-series lenses: Interchangeable lenses for use exclusively with the FUJIFILM X-mount.
FUJINON MKX-series lenses: Cinema lenses for the FUJIFILM X-mount.
Macro extension tubes
MCEX-11/16: Attach between the camera and the lens to shoot at high reproduction ratios.
XF1.4X TC WR: Increases the focal length of the compatible lenses by about 1.4×.
XF2X TC WR: Increases the focal length of the compatible lenses by about 2.0×.
Mount adapters
FUJIFILM M MOUNT ADAPTER: Allows the camera to be used with a wide selection of M-mount lenses.
Body caps
BCP-001: Cover the camera lens mount when no lens is attached.
Eye cups
EC-XH W/EC-XT L/EC-XT M/EC-XT S/EC-GFX: Attach viewfinder eyecups to prevent light leaking into the viewfinder window.
Shoe-mounted flash units
EF-X500: In addition to manual and TTL flash control, this clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 50/164 (ISO 100, m/ft.) and supports FP (high-speed sync), allowing it to be used at shutter speeds that exceed the flash sync speed. Featuring support for the optional EF-BP1 battery pack and Fujifilm optical wireless flash control, it can be used as a commander or remote flash unit for remote wireless flash photography.
EF-BP1: A battery pack for shoe-mounted flash units. Takes up to 8 AA batteries.
EF-X8: This compact, clip-on flash unit draws power from the camera has a Guide Number of approximately 8/26 (ISO 100, m/ft.) and can cover the angle of view of a 16 mm lens (equivalent to 24 mm in 35 mm format).
EF-42: This clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 42/137 (ISO 100, m/ft.) and supports manual and TTL flash control.
EF-X20: This clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 20/65 (ISO 100, m/ft.) and supports manual and TTL flash control.
EF-20: This clip-on flash unit has a Guide Number of 20/65 (ISO 100, m/ft.) and supports TTL flash control (manual flash control is not supported).
Vertical battery grips
VG-XT3: See “Vertical Battery Grips“.
Tripod grips
TG‑BT1: Record movies, take photographs, or adjust zoom on compatible power zoom lenses while holding this Bluetooth tripod grip.
Hand grips
MHG-XT3: Features an improved grip. Batteries and memory cards can be removed with the grip in place, and the grip is equipped with a rail for quick-shoe camera mounts.
Leather cases
BLC-XT3: This case combines practicality with the luxury of leather and comes with a cloth that can be used to wrap the camera before putting it in the case and on other occasions. Pictures can be taken and batteries inserted or removed with the camera still in its case.
Grip belts
GB-001: Improves grip. Combine with a hand grip for more secure handling.
Cover kits
CVR-XT3: A set of covers for the X-T3. Contains a sync terminal cap, a hot-shoe cover, and a connector cover, as well as two vertical battery grip connector covers (one black and one silver).
instax SHARE printers
SP-1/SP-2/SP-3: Connect via wireless LAN to print pictures on instax film.

This camera is not compatible with the AC-9V AC power adapter.