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When you turn the camera on for the first time, you can choose a language and set the camera clock. Follow the steps below when turning the camera on for the first time.

  1. Turn the camera on.

    A language-selection dialog will be displayed.

  2. Choose a language.

    Highlight a language and press MENU/OK.

  3. Choose a time zone.

    When prompted, choose a time zone and turn daylight savings time on or off using the focus stick (focus lever), then highlight SET and press MENU/OK.

    To skip this step, press DISP/BACK.

  4. Set the clock.

  5. View information on the smartphone app.

    • The camera will display a QR code you can scan with your smartphone to open a website where you can download the smartphone app.
    • Press MENU/OK to exit to the shooting display.

    Use the smartphone app to download pictures from the camera or control the camera remotely.

  6. Format the memory card (aFORMAT).

    Format memory cards before first use, and be sure to reformat all memory cards after using them in a computer or other device.

If the battery is removed for an extended period, the camera clock will be reset and the language-selection dialog will be displayed when the camera is turned on.

Choosing a Different Language

To change the language:

  1. Display language options.

    Select DUSER SETTING > Qa.

  2. Choose a language.

    Highlight the desired option and press MENU/OK.

Changing the Time and Date

To set the camera clock:

  1. Display DATE/TIME options.


  2. Set the clock.

    Press the focus stick (focus lever) left or right to highlight the year, month, day, hour, or minute and press up or down to change. Press MENU/OK to set the clock.