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Adjust basic camera settings.

To access basic camera settings, press [MENU/OK] and select tab H.


Choose the roles assigned to the left ([Fn]/function, A), right (N/flash, B), and down (h/self-timer, C) buttons on the selector (a Assigning a Role to the Function Buttons).


Adjust power management settings.


Choose the length of time before the camera turns off automatically when no operations are performed. Shorter times increase battery life; if [OFF] is selected, the camera must be turned off manually.

[5 MIN] [2 MIN] [OFF]


Select [ON] for faster focus and to reduce the time needed to restart the camera.

[ON] [OFF]


Adjust file management settings.


New pictures are stored in image files named using a four-digit file number assigned by adding one to the last file number used. The file number is displayed during playback as shown. [FRAME NO.] controls whether file numbering is reset to 0001 when a new memory card is inserted or the current memory card or internal memory is formatted.

Frame number

Directory number File number
Option Description
[CONTINUOUS] Numbering continues from the last file number used or the first available file number, whichever is higher. Choose this option to reduce the number of pictures with duplicate file names.
[RENEW] Numbering is reset to 0001 after formatting or when a new memory card is inserted.

If the frame number reaches 999-9999, the shutter release will be disabled. Format the memory card after transferring to a computer any pictures you wish to keep.

Selecting R [RESET] sets [FRAME NO.] to [CONTINUOUS] but does not reset the file number.

Frame numbers for pictures taken with other cameras may differ.


Stamp the time and/or date of recording on photographs as they are taken.

Option Description
R+S Stamp new photographs with the date and time of recording.
R Stamp new photographs with the date of recording.
[OFF] Do not stamp the time and date on new photographs.

Time and date stamps cannot be deleted. Turn [DATE STAMP] off to prevent time and date stamps appearing on new photographs.

If the camera clock is not set, you will be prompted to set the clock to the current date and time (a Basic Setup, Changing the Time and Date).

We recommend that you turn the DPOF “print date” option off when printing images with a time and date stamp (a [PRINT ORDER (DPOF)]).

Time and date stamps do not appear on movies or panoramas or on shots taken using 4K burst.


Adjust settings for connection to wireless devices, including smartphones, computers, and Fujifilm instax SHARE printers.

For more information on wireless connections, visit:

a Connecting to Smartphones and Computers

[Bluetooth SETTINGS]

Adjust Bluetooth settings.

Option Description
[PAIRING REGISTRATION] To pair the camera with a smartphone or tablet, select this option, then launch FUJIFILM Camera Remote on the smart device and tap [PAIRING REGISTRATION].
[SELECT PAIRING DESTINATION] Choose a connection from a list of devices with which the camera has been paired using [PAIRING REGISTRATION]. Select [NO CONNECTION] to exit without connecting.
[DELETE PAIRING REG.] Delete pairing information for selected devices. Choose the device in the device list. The selected device will also be removed from the devices listed in [SELECT PAIRING DESTINATION].
[Bluetooth ON/OFF]
  • [ON]: The camera automatically establishes a Bluetooth connection with paired devices when turned on.
  • [OFF]: The camera does not connect via Bluetooth.
  • [ON]: Mark JPEG images for upload as they are taken.
  • [OFF]: Photos are not marked for upload as they are taken.
  • [ON]: Pictures are uploaded to paired devices during playback, while the camera is off, and after shooting.
  • [OFF]: Pictures are uploaded to paired devices only when the camera is off or starting shortly after you exit to playback.

Choose whether to synchronize the camera to the time and/or location provided by a paired smartphone.

  • [LOCATION&TIME]: Synchronize the time and location.
  • [LOCATION]: Synchronize the location.
  • [TIME]: Synchronize the time.
  • [OFF]: Synchronization off.

Install the latest version of the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app on your smartphone or tablet before pairing the device with your camera or uploading images.

When [ON] is selected for both [Bluetooth ON/OFF] and [AUTO IMAGE TAGGING] and [OFF] is chosen for [SEAMLESS TRANSFER], upload to paired devices will begin when the camera is turned off or shortly after you exit to playback.

If [AUTO IMAGE TAGGING] is off, pictures can be marked for transfer using the U [IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER] option in the playback menu.


Adjust settings for connection to computers via wireless LAN.

Option Description

Choose the method used for connection to computers via a wireless LAN.

  • [SIMPLE SETUP]: Connect using WPS.
  • [MANUAL SETUP]: Choose the network from a list ([SELECT FROM NETWORK LIST]) or enter the name manually ([ENTER SSID]).
[DELETE REGISTERED DESTINATION PC] Remove selected destinations.
[DETAILS OF PREVIOUS CONNECTION] View computers to which the camera has recently connected.


Adjust settings for connection to optional Fujifilm instax SHARE printers.

The Printer Name (SSID) and Password

The printer name (SSID) can be found on the bottom of the printer; the default password is “1111”. If you have already chosen a different password to print from a smartphone, enter that password instead.


Adjust settings for connection to wireless networks.

Option Description
[NAME] Choose a name ([NAME]) to identify the camera on the wireless network (the camera is assigned a unique name by default).

Choose whether to resize images for upload to smartphones. Resizing applies only to the copy uploaded to the smartphone; the original is not affected.

  • [ON]: Larger images are resized to H for upload. This setting is recommended.
  • [OFF]: Images are uploaded at their original size.
[GEOTAGGING] Choose whether location data downloaded from a smartphone are embedded in pictures as they are taken.
[LOCATION INFO] Display the location data last downloaded from a smartphone.

Choose the role played by the r (wireless transfer) button during playback or during shooting by the [Fn] button when it is assigned the [WIRELESS COMMUNICATION] function.

  • [PAIRING/TRANSFER ORDER]: If the camera is not currently paired with another device, Bluetooth pairing options will be displayed. Otherwise transfer options will be displayed.
  • [WIRELESS COMMUNICATION]: The button functions as a wireless communication button.


View the camera’s MAC and Bluetooth address.


Restore wireless settings to their default values.


If a memory card is inserted in the camera, this option will format the memory card. If no memory card is inserted, this option will format internal memory.

  1. Highlight K [FORMAT]in the setup menu and press [MENU/OK].

  2. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Highlight [OK] and press [MENU/OK] to format the memory card or internal memory.

    To exit without formatting the memory card or internal memory, select [CANCEL] or press [DISP/BACK].

All data—including protected pictures—will be deleted from the memory card or internal memory. Be sure important files have been copied to a computer or other storage device.

Do not open the battery-chamber cover during formatting.